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by Jonek

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Side 2 Side 04:07
360 Degrees 03:46
Take it one day at a time, like rhyme after rhyme Can't predict the future so take it in stride And I have to admit I'm quick to quip And miracle whip, up a rap and let e'r rip But the two coincide, so I don't create divide And I'm positive that I've, got a positive vibe You can hear it, lyrics, that mirror the image Of joy cuz boy, the CD is finally finished! I'm out of the studio, and onto the circuit But I'd do it again you know? Cuz it was all worth it Spread the word all about the world's surface To let the kid's know that their life has a purpose If you're feelin the vibe, then just work it I make it hype like a fresh pot of coffee perkin Cuz our time will fly bye bye, and I'm pretty certain There's not much worse than the final curtain Spin a 180, and another one with me Complete cycle, around 360 That's what you need to do right quickly Go back a few steps to regrets and then simply Come full circle, with a definite beginning Cuz the songs never die if you keep on singing So if you go back, cut me no slack I should be accountable, with tracks insurmountable Tunes that stick in your head and never come out With the message "Jesus Loves You", cuz He loves you no doubt And if you struggle with the puzzle, hope you're workin it out Cuz I had to come full circle to see what this is about It's about music, that doesn't suck When most MC's are bigger quacks than Donald the duck Got their style for a discount off a wholesale truck And their CD's in the pawn shop on sale for 5 bucks I know what you mean, plus I've bee where you've been Hopped the fence as teen to where the grass was more green Found out that a drought's a drought And that MY grass looks greener from the neighbor's house Know that shape is objective, depends on your perspective A circle's a circle unless it lacks direction I'm positive, I gotta live with this much expression I keep it live, so I advise listener discression I might put a slight spin on my material Grin bigger than Lucky with more charm than his cereal Don't get me started cuz then it's "here we go" And I'll drop a verse like a bomb on friend or foe I think it's best you know, I grant no pardon Serve weak MC's like it's lunch at the Olive Garden Spinorama, bring heat but no drama Pack a rap so heavy that it overburdens lamas In my trek across the desert, I take every measure To be the best thing in the underground, buried treasure So I got a gem for you to chew cuz it's true You are what you eat, and what you listen to
Who needs a beat when I got a beatbox now Please, I got the keys, but I keep it locked down Amazing flow, and beat to go, hi, my name is Jonek With a healthy, fly, style for you, just like a tonic You might think I’m on it, but I am the track I’m the beat, and the rap, can you hear that fact My decision is an 85 rhythm and then hit e’m With the The boom boom, ts, ts, and the hi hat I’m trying to bring, freshness like spring Original and interesting, that’s the best thing I could think to do, it’s true, so now I spew this words to you Comin through, one two, one two, so I can spread the good news The one and only, Jesus Christ who’s holy, really rocks You might think he’s phony, I guarantee you that he’s not And so I flow, to let you know, let you hear and see It’s not a weakness to be a Christian MC. Originally there was a second part : ) Switched up the style, still sounds ok It’s been a while, I’m here to stay Don’t ask why, cuz I think you can see I love hip hop, and hip hop loves me Listen close, read between the lines Crafty? Exactly, I always try Whatever, whenever, for worse, for better I’m keeping it underground like buried treasure Stormy weather, not a bother to me I flow unconditionally, like He loves me Flow so you know He set me free Because I was blind, but now can see And so I flow, to let you know To let you hear and see The narrow road, is the one I chose It’s not weak to be a Christian MC.
Freedom 03:15
Freedom, everybody, now I’m free from Freedom, my skies are sunny, no more re-runs Freedom, I’m so glad for this freedom (Thank you Jesus) Freedom, I’ve got it, and you can have it too I was on the ground, all cold and shivering Crying all alone, sitting in my misery I heard a noise, and so I turned to see A bright light, and a man speaking to me He said, your burden is heavy like a boulder I can come and take it off your shoulders If you just sit here, you’ll just get colder Why don’t you come and be my soldier? Man, I don’t understand, who is this guy? Coming up to me and talking to me in disguise? How did he make that bright light to blind my eyes? Do I run, do I stay? Man, what do I say? I know I’m burdened, but I can manage my own Yeah, that’s true, I don’t need someone telling me what to do Doesn’t he know who I am, how does he know what I need? But then again, was he saying I could be set free? And so I just continued to sit there I was half angry, and half scared I was froze and didn’t know what to do But then I heard him speak again and his words were true You are lost, mixed up, and messed up I think it’s time that you fessed up I can give you rest son, and then you’ll see What it means to be set free Could this possibly be what it seemed to be? He says I can be free, but is it guaranteed? What happens if I give it a try and nothing happens I guess the worst is I’ll go back and… Nah man, why would I go back to where I was? Feelin like I was, not feelin the love Maybe I should just give it a try? And then My tears dried up, and I stood up, man I felt so alive
I was always trying to raise the bar in my early days Until I realized, He set the bar so high It arches the pearly gates, so I followed His ways Gave Him my praise, and sang Amazing Grace See? We tend to praise things that are just a phase Pop stars today, they make it big and fade away And it’s sad to say only the memory remains But He’s here to stay as the Ancient of Days So every single Sunday I’ma sing Amazing Grace How sweet the sound, how sweet the sound indeed Cuz sometimes you can’t help but fall to your knees And then we get back up, and put the mask back on Please, polygraph’s on, stop pretending I know every time you hear the hymn your heart’s melting I think it’s awesome how He gets you musical ways To remind you that the only way is His, amazing, grace Ready or not, I’m coming through Love Him or not, He loves you Believe it or not, the fact remains true Either you’ve got, grace, if not then you’re blue If you feel like a loser, you could have the victory No song to sing? You could be singing “Freedom” with me I was such a sad case, it seemed like I was faceless Then God took His place, and grace hit with a faith lift Amazing ain’t it? God took a plain kid’s life and rearranged it Took the canvas of my life and painted Pastures and living waters untainted He’s loving and gracious, that’s why He gets my praises I try to be diverse, to convert to converts Pull every string, read all the books, put on concerts I want to be all things to all men, a Jack of all trades And represent the King of hearts, not the Ace of Bass Let me break it down for a second or minute How many times have you told yourself I have to quit this But returned to it with quickness, can I witness? Too many on the run, but their purpose isn’t fitness Let’s get honest, hot promises turn frigid If they’re not of the Lord who has risen Makes me livid to see how some are livin Only want to get, but forget that it’s best to be givin And where and when they do, they just give in Bad decision, grace is the only link their missin They could all be forgiven I’m not sure if you’re catching on to this vision Boom bap, soul clap, and bring it back to soul fishin Not just another Christian, trying to stick with Him But bring another few to the pews on a Sunday To sing Amazing Grace with me, what a sweet melody
Hello, czesc, no, nie, tak, yes No wiesz, English, ale Polish tez Pomysl sobie ze, taki Jonek pozdrowienia sle Tobie, w ladnej muzycznej ozdobie Taka, rama, zabeatboxowana Taka, ladna, przekazu nie zaslania Oldschoolowo moze, ale tak jest dobrze Bo sluchalem Polski hip hop, ale teraz juz nie moge Hip Hopolo nie znosze, o powrot do elementow prosze Hip Hop gazety za grosze, with a CD, czy slizgi with graffiti Wspominam dobrze, sobie, te czasy w Polsce Moze Polski moj jest slaby, ale wiesz ze mam racje Bylo spoko, ale teraz jest o kasie No nic, ilez mozna wepchac w jeden skit Pozdrowienia dla Polakow, Jonek FSP
Chorus: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 How many raps before have left you wanting more? With 1 – for the money, 2 – for the show 3 – to get ready… and then no go When it’s 1 – for no money and 2 – for I’m broke 3 – for the studies and 4 – for the loans 1 – for the hunnies, and 2 – for the bro’s 3 – for my buddies, and 4 – for this flow 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 How many raps that start like that, have you heard before Claiming to connect to your intellect, but giving you nothing more Than tragedy, profanity, bland bands with no variety While I’m actually trying see? To not go down so quietly Giving you melodies, in hopes that you’ll be telling me My song stung like the world’s toughest spelling bee Start with a melon seed, end up with a melon patch That’s how I hope to see my raps when I look back Blossoming rhymes, just about to hatch No mimicry, or gimmicks see? With me there’s no strings attached I just blast the facts, hoping that You can get past the wack, and realize that 1 – Why front from the front, when you can front from the middle or the back Besides the fact that from the back You can see the deeds of Emcees in the lead And choose not to follow hollow trends of tomorrow Always seeking and reaching, learning the teachings Of those who know, so You can proceed with speed to that higher plateau And grow even though, foes bring woes 2 – Never stray from what’s true Your friend’s and your crew, and those who love you 3 – I’m just a regular me J – 1 – K FSP From the EDM, to the SNK I’m the INT MC all the way Mix it up with wordplay, don’t let that trouble you That I’m all over E-Town and the WAW 4 – 2, 32 bar verses, and you don’t need more 1 – Everyone has at one time begun To reach for the sun, beyond the square circle Now it’s my time, to one by one jump the hurdles And I’ll just give it, until I reach my limit Because first thing’s first, being first isn’t all there is I thirst for the good news and church to reach all the kids Because the worst thing is dirt, and being stuck in it Even a diamond has it’s dirty beginning 2 – Catch on to things you can latch on to Diamonds are formed in the rough, and that’s true And even though it seems to me, the rough is where I’m at I’m trying hard, to bring to you this 1 – 2 – 1 – 2, type of rap To surpass, the tracks, that have no tact, Don’t sit back and relax, get up and get active Because dude, you’ve got to, get on the move 3 – Most songs contain three verses But I felt free, so I threw that pattern out as worthless To rock a beat with no curses, flow with purpose Who’s going to tell me, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 Cuz that doesn’t seem to be the case Everyone’s done everything, so be original these days (but) 4 – How many raps before have you heard like this? So magnificent, that when the beat drowns out you’re missing it? Your wishin you could just keep on listening Then friends, just play this again and again Sure this is work, not just for the fun Cuz it’s cost me a small fortune since I’ve begun And four years down the road, who knows where I’ll be Perhaps a millionaire at 40, for inventing 4d : ) Do something for me, I’d love you for sure Play this 4 times again, and learn between the words
I think I might have, jumped the gun But I just want to get something done And play the game as long as the game is fun Cuz there's too many who played till they were played out Disappeared and faded out, I'm not sayin that I made it now Without a shade of a doubt I outlasted the drought - to bring you this, persistance over instruments Hope that your into this, that you can picture this Rock grinding rocks, and the wind shaping them Hoodoo type formation, erosion evasion for every occasion Songs die, and people never play them But a classic, outlasts it and never decays Man, remember the days when the songs were fresh Not freeze dried, microwavable and overprocessed? Someone's gotta put a stop to the nonsense And bring back hip hop's consience I've been around for a while and I plan to stay Ancient hieroglyphics that never fade Even if it's underground and never gets played I will take strides forward - in faith It's been a long time comin, but it was bound to happen I've been dreaming ever since way back when I was a kid with a vision and something to say Needed someone to listen, so I put in Over one solid year of hard work From conception to when you first heard these words Struggled with schemes and concepts, and everything else But overcame that to put the disc on the shelf Independent baby, means I did it myself And I have to be honest, with not much help But that's just life and I'm just me (stubborn) So I pressed on and pressed the CD To say God loves you, and He sure blessed me To be on the scene with longevity Still sing such a sweet melody Not caring what the peeps keep tellin me Trusting in Him and surrendering everything Leah I'M SO TIRED OF WAITIN AROUND PEOPLE ALWAYS LETTING ME DOWN NOW MY KNEES ARE ON THE GROUND IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING I KNOW THAT I HAVE TO BE STRONG THAT THE ROAD I TRAVEL IS LONG BUT WITH YOU ON MY SIDE LORD I CAN'T GO WRONG IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING AND I KNOW YES I KNOW MY CHANGE IS GONNA COME YES MY CHANGE IS GONNA COME
I Want To Be 01:07
I want to be the next man, to expand I want to be the music that the public chooses The listener’s first choice, hip hop’s conscious voice I want to be a contribution to the solution Inspiration and dedication with presentation Steadily improving, and get the crowd moving To be innovative, always stay creative I want to grow, in who I am and what I know The bomb diggity, facilitate the ministry So I’m am the artist who tries the hardest I want to be tough love, and more than enough I want to make melodies, send chills to your extremities I want to be me, J-1 to the K I want to be the MC with something to say I want to be all that, and spread the Good News Plus I want you to know, that Jesus loves you
One life, one step, that’s right, it’s all you get Eternal life, have you got it yet? Yes, then don’t fret No, then give it a try and you won’t regret it First day right away I was changed and won’t forget it Possibly the hottest commodity, yet few get it You don’t get it? don’t sweat it, let the words get embedded He paid for you, so in truth your indebted But at the same time, He came through and said “forget it” Your sins have been forgiven if you just believe the message “He is the truth and the light” and I’m just the guy to spread it Ever since I met the Lord my path’s been redirected To shine a light to those in need, or more like just reflect it I’ll give you my story cuz it’s tried, true and tested When tempted to mess with satan, development’s arrested I guess this testament’s just the tip of the iceberg But now you can’t say you’ve never heard the good word One love, for every kind of human race One way, by faith, through God's grace One God, who loved you so much That he gave His life for your life, it's so simple (that) I'm just one MC, one mic, and no hesitation To rock a few statements about true elevation Too many heads are just running through the paces And not too many know how amazing God's grace is I'll rock a show in any venue, any basement And wear my heart on my sleeve like it's the latest fashion statement Because somethings gotta be said, I've been patient I'm still steadily prayin, that what I'm sayin Finds it's way to their heart and by days end They'll too conclude their last conversation with an Amen Understand he's the cure to the mayhem The God who gave them life when he made them I want to reach the lost souls, and awake them Cuz I've been down, caught up in sin, mistaken Thought that a God so awesome wouldn't have me back But it's been racing through my mind, so I brought it to the track We let it get to the point where hip hop is wack And now we have to ask the DJ's to bring it back And I'm sorry if I get a bit passionate But I seriously hate the place rap is in I'm quite adamat, we need more advocats So a advocate, for more positive rap for kids Acts in the biz, that give an example of how to live Living every day like it's a gift, come on I got this one chance, on this one song To tell you some about 66 books in 3 verses, 3 hooks Give me one chance, and take one look Cuz the one Jesus Christ died once, that's all it took He rose one time so now he's part of every rhyme I make, when I break it down one time for your mind Revolutionary, and yet, so simplistic To show you how I like to kick it - it's so simple
The Music 04:27
So many go, where the music tells them to So it's important to me that my music speaks true They used say, when in Rome do like those in Rome But that (that) was way (way) back (back) in the day That (that) was that (that), and this is now (now) Gotta get past the past, cuz it holds you down Holds you back, but good things come to those Who wait, or wait, is it those who don't hesitate? Just be careful of where your kicks go, and when you pick the flow Know your not the only one kickin to those headphones I don't mean to preach at you, just bring it new With words that hit instead of just the bass in treble to reachin you Make you feel like pocket aces when all your pockets got is dimes Never mind the kind of rhymes that never leave your mind This concept might take some time, but I'm Not the type of MC to leave a listener behind I will go wherever I hear a musical sound But if it's bringing me down, I'll just turn around And walk away quickly, to where it can't hit me Cuz I love music, but the good kind strictly Country, jazz, rap, anything but rave Cuz I like it when soundwaves know how to behave Things can get just a little bit hectic If you press play and get what you never expected Melodic, symphonic, harmonics of screamo Make you lose your mind and cry, like emo I mean, whatever, you gotta live your dream yo So I'm down as long as the tunes are clean though Good music is good music whatever the tactic But right now the world's playing musical tag, and rap's it I hope your catching on to the jist of the song Good music is good music, so sing along and let's Let's: Just go where the music plays To where the sound rolls in like ocean waves Just stay where the music stays Where the sound shines down like sunshine rays Just go where the music is To where the sound is profound and you can listen in To what the music is really sayin That it's coming to your brain, through your heart on the way in Bridge: Just go where the music goes To where the bass is low, and the MC's flow Just go where you want to go Thank God for I-Pods, take it on the road Just go where the music lives Where the talent is, and there are open gigs Where you could hear an MC sayin It's coming to your brain, through your heart on the way in I go where the music plays And the music is in me, so that's where I stay I just want to let it out, flip the beat and get it out Spread the word about, even if I have to scream and shout Go to where good music exists Times change, but this theme will persist I insist you assist it's purpose In earnest I just wanna bring it hot like a furnace A good song needs a good tune, true But a great song needs great lyrics too They say, if you don't speak you look smarter But to talk a lot, and still come across hot is harder No doubt about it, you can't dance without it And love without music, wouldn't have much romance to it A man can not live on bread alone - yup You need music too, so turn this up
$5 Bill 04:02
Life is sooo chill Just sitting on sunny hill Five dollar bill in my pocket And life is all good Life is sooo chill Just sitting on a sunny hill Five dollar bill in my pocket And life is all good I wish every day was like today Suns out bright and early and right away I get that feeling that my life's ok Not too much work and just enough play Not too broke, got just enough pay Plus five bucks just because I feel so good, and look it too I'm at the top of my game and that might be true I'm at the top of the hill and the breeze is cool I've got a song in my head and I'm lovin the tune I've got lots on my mind, but nothing to do So there's plenty of time to think it all through -------- aaaaah I got take a minute to take it all in And ponder a creator who make all this Complete it on day 6, but I really love 7th There are rainy days, but this one's far from it I can't help but feel that I'm sitting at the summit Got this song in my head, can't stop hummin Got nothin to do but I'm happy doin nothing Just relaxin and chillin, dreamin big White picket fence, a wife and some kids Chillin with the basket, a Sunday picnic I'ma take the ball, and then run with it Cuz if you never dream, you might just miss it Put the thought to the mic, that's how I kick it I wish you sunny days and best wishes Catch the big one that always gets away fishin Every day scratch another item off your wish list Merriness, like every day was Christmas A Creator who could do all this Complete it on day 6, but you gotta love the 7th I want to, say something that's not just the run of the mill I want to write a song, that's one in a mill I want to give you a song that will make things better So keep your head up, even when you've had enough Cuz sometimes life is tough And the road to the top of the hill is rough I know, I've been there too But I'm looking around, and life's a beaut Sunshine, all around, what a lovely day There's always clouds but they pass away The sun is always shining like today But you can't see it cuz the clouds are in the way There you go, I dedicate this to those Who are feeling low, just know There's a Creator who made you with a purpose Life is tough, but in the end it's worth it, cuz then


released February 19, 2006


all rights reserved



Jonek Edmonton, Alberta

Jonek is an oldschool rapper.
He has been around for a looong time, but for some reason he's still kickin' it. He's more interested in being your friend than you loving his music, so come on over. I make a... ahem, I mean, he makes a great Chai Latte.

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